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Jamie Spears continues to defend herself in new court documents: 'I must commend my work as a trustee' |  Famous

Jamie Spears continues to defend herself in new court documents: ‘I must commend my work as a trustee’ | Famous

FamousJamie Spears, 69, doesn’t seem to have buried the hatchet just yet. In his new court documents, the pop star’s father claimed that Britney’s problems (39) are more serious than the public believes. He also believes he deserves to be commended for his work as an administrator for many years. It sounds like “I saved Britney from disaster.”

Fifteen pages. Jamie Spears’ new petition to the Los Angeles District Court to prove the extent of his daughter’s mental health problems and addiction has long gone. Strange, because last week he agreed to step down as administrator after thirteen years.

In addition, Jamie also believes that no one knows the details of Britney’s personal life. “If that is the case, I will be commended for taking the initiative,” it seems. “She’s already been through a lot of ordeals, with a lot of mental issues and addiction problems. But fans don’t know all the facts, and they don’t have a right to know them, so there will be no public apology to Mr. Spears.”

Compulsory medication

Earlier, Britney said during a court hearing that she felt restricted by the mandatory medications that her father had to take – the singer must take lithium daily for her mental health. But Jimmy rejects that, too. It couldn’t have been him, but Judy Montgomery who controlled Britney’s medication and treatments, he said, were all joint decisions to protect her from disfiguring herself.

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Jimmy asserts in the documents that his only goal was to “rescue” his daughter. “There is no doubt that management saved Spears from disaster, supported her when she needed it most, protected her and her reputation from harm, and facilitated her career recovery,” the statement read. However, he is still willing to step down to prevent his daughter from dealing with a debilitating “public dispute”, even though he doesn’t think he should be fired. “Mr. Spears plans to step down in time.”

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