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New in General Practice: Physician Assistant – and he is given many assignments

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Many GP practices already include a diabetes nurse, pulmonologist or youth training nurse. A physician assistant is currently included. GP of the past, he is almost now. GP practices are becoming smaller medical centers.

The medical assistant can make the diagnosis himself

The medical assistant is a kind of ‘light doctor’ who treats patients independently with simple complaints. “If so, you need to think about common complaints such as earache, back pain or pain after a fall,” says Giro Jorion van Trisse of Gloucester. He already works with a dad in his practice, and he’s excited: “My office hours are no longer crowded, so there is still time for my patients who need more care.”

The physician assistant can independently diagnose patients with simple complaints, draw up a treatment plan, prescribe and prescribe medications. Always see a doctor. “We work as a team,” says Van Trissey. Does he guarantee there are no misdiagnosis? “Yeah, of course, we see a lot, we give a lot of advice. We do it together on a large scale.”

My office hours are no longer crowded, so there is still time for my patients who need more care. “

Geron van Trissey, general coach Gloucester Sande

Patients with more complex complaints do not come to the doctor’s assistant, but they always go to the general practitioner. “People with stomach complaints, for example, can sometimes be complicated.” Children also go to people with GP and those with chronic mental health problems or those in the last stages of life. Van Driessey: “I now have more time and rest for patients with more complex complaints, which really benefits the quality of care.”

Manon Remans was one of the first seven medical assistant students. These students are now being trained from Zeeland. They follow the training at Nijmegen, but the practical part is with the general trainers at Zeeland. Until recently, Manon worked as an IC nurse and wanted to continue learning. “I wanted a challenge, especially medically.” His practical coach G.P. Is Van Trice, who will already have a job once he completes his training in 2.5 years. “I like it so much. I’m having so much fun.”

Theo de Buck: The Future of Physician Assistant

Due to the shortage of GPS – Ziland will need a hundred new GPS in the coming years – medical assistants are ‘essential’. “They do not accept the role of the GP, but can actually support the GP and provide relief,” said Theo de Buck, the nucleus of the GP system. Two Zeeland GP Associations, Zeeuws-Vlaanderen’s Nucleus and Zeeuwse Huisartsencoöperatie above the Western Shelter, are now proud to be able to provide training in Zeeland.

Paid by The Hague, 22 medical assistants for Zeeland

Over the next three years, 22 medical assistants will be trained from Zeeland. Tuition, salary and supervision expenses are reimbursed. The total costs of 5.2 million euros are paid from so-called ‘Wientjes funds’, millions of euros in compensation to Zeeland after the cancellation of naval construction in Vlissingen.

Are 22 Physician Assistants Enough? “We’re definitely looking at how to impress GPs here,” says De Buck. “But how good is it for you, as a prospective doctor, to work with dads? That should be the attraction of wanting to work here. We hope you’ll score with it, too.”

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