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New loan plan proposals are on the table at Hemiksem ... (Hemiksem)

New loan plan proposals are on the table at Hemiksem … (Hemiksem)

The intersection of Sint-Bernardsesteenweg and Abdijstraat. © Bart Rugemann


Within a few moments of participation, Hemiksemnars team members were able to take notes and give their opinions on the proposals developed for a new traffic plan. The basic principle is to “fix the mix” with a lot of attention to bike traffic.

“We will not bully the motorist,” says Mobility Alderman Jenne Meyvis (Green). “You will still be able to get everywhere by car, but the design of the streets should provide more space for cyclists and pedestrians. It will be slower in many places. The main axes will remain at 50 km/h, but the goal is to be able to reduce the speed on all other streets to 30 kilometers per hour.”

Deir Street

This could introduce one-way traffic to certain streets and more bike streets. “One-way traffic on Abdijstraat, for example, is being considered. To make more space for cyclists and to slow down so the street can rest. This also means that traffic lights are no longer needed. Then they will move to Delvauxstraat. At this intersection, at the Bakart site Previously, a residential care center would be built with a square which we wish to extend to the street as it were. As a ‘gateway’ to the station via Delvauxstraat. The municipal council has made it clear that Statestraat can become a bicycle street again.”

“This is not yet a decided policy,” Mavis emphasizes. These are the proposals that we now present first to all interested parties. After residents, schools, stakeholders, and advisory boards are also discussed. The distribution plan should provide clear guidelines for any future intervention in a predictable manner. Because each intervention has an effect on a different place. In other words, if, say, we want to make a cut on street x and the bus has to turn across street y, we must make sure that the situation on street y is also in order to make that possible.

“Finally, we also want to focus heavily on shared mobility, such as offering shared cars and shared bikes.”

Bart Rugemann

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