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New Pokemon Snap review – Ontspannende Feel Happy

New Pokemon Snap review – Ontspannende Feel Happy

The separate Pokémon games often have varying degrees of success, but there is one title that is unanimously loved by fans of the series. Nintendo has taken its time, but after all these years, we can now finally dive into the world of Pokémon photography again on a grand scale with the New Pokemon Snap.

In essence, you’ll often find the same game here as in 1999, but this time with modern day features. Primarily, of course, graphically speaking, the New Pokémon Snap shines in its presentation. The bright, beautiful colors and beautifully animated Pokemon made me smile broadly in every journey I took. The new Pokémon Snap is a happy game, and it’s really a game to relax with it and let it affect you. Still an experience on the railroad, take a ride / slide / cruise through an area full of Pokemon and take pictures of it. It excels at simplicity, but soon turns out to be wonderfully versatile.


There are quite a few factors that count when taking a good photo; For example, you will have to consider the Pokemon’s frame itself, their appearance, stance and the other Pokemon in the shot. Of course, the latter should not obscure the topic, but there are many more. Since everyone can take a photo directly from the front, but to get the real gems, you need to do more. The first is the observation, as the Pokemon does their own thing, sometimes ending up in crazy situations. I can laugh a lot about the confrontation between Wailmer and Qwilfish, a Skorupi sucked into a whirlwind and seeing Scorbunny sleeping on Torterra after being spotted here and there on a full scale.

To get even more variety, you can throw apples at Pokémon – just like in the original. This creates various new situations. Sometimes it helps to get Pokemon’s attention, other times they get angry, and still others happily eat so-called Fluffruits. It also works great for luring Pokemon to each other by throwing apples, which in turn creates funny situations. Add to this the new additions like music that plays to wake up Pokemon and make others dance and the various orbs that you get through research add to that and there are many possibilities for the correct image. Illumina orbs are the incandescent orbs that only light up most Pokemon, but for some species, this results in special postures or behaviors – which all contribute, of course, to a better picture.

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These pics are graded by Professor Mirror at the end of each ride and this system works with the scores for each Pokemon, as you want images ranging from one star to four stars. The number of points you get for a particular image might seem a bit far from the blue, with a blurry picture rating with a plant in front of it much higher than the more vivid image (in my eyes) of the same creature.

This ensures that there is always something new to be seen in the twelve different environments, from dense jungles to the depths of the sea

Here you also have the option to save the photos to your private album and share them online, as you will get medals. Professor Mirror Points ensure that you ascend to different worlds, with new things happening on all levels. This ensures that there is always something new to be seen in the twelve different environments located there, from dense jungles to the depths of the sea. Many of the levels still have day and night variation, where everything is different, so the new Pokémon Snap gives you more than enough to do in the 10 to 15 hours you’ll do here.

It is not always clear

Why am I not indicating here that the game can be completed in a certain time, because sometimes it is not entirely clear what is expected of you to continue. There are a lot of objects indicated in the scenes between missions and in the upper left corner of your home base you’ll find Lentalk; A sort of Facebook-like setup where you see requests like “Take a photo of what’s hidden among the flowers” and “Capture why the fruit is burned on the ground.” These are fun challenges to watch out for while playing, but they are not a clear answer to how you progress through the story. For example, it wasn’t at all clear to me that I was looking for a Frillish who had suffered from Illumina, which was also deeply hidden at one level. As a result, I did a lot of unnecessary iterations to see if leveling in an area was the solution, causing the flow to stop for a while.

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On the Switch, the experience on both handheld mode and on big TV is simple and effective. You can move the camera using the sticks along with the motion controls, although you can turn it off. If you want to move quickly at a 90 or 180 degree angle, you can do so with the D-PAD, which has literally saved me every now and then and has tons of projectiles and items under the face and shoulder buttons. All of these functions easily translate to the Pro Controller TV, so I had no preference in terms of gameplay. The lists are also simple and clear, as we’re used to from Pokémon and because they keep adding new things, they don’t overwhelm you at any time.

The new Pokémon Snap does exactly what it should do, and offers the same great gameplay that feels good to the original with a modern feel. Not only does it look cool, it also integrates seamlessly with online systems to easily share photos and rate others. The basic gameplay made me come back with enthusiasm and the controls were simple and effective. There’s also a lot going on in ever-changing worlds, so you can always find something new. The game isn’t always clear about what it expects you to advance into, but basically Pokémon Snap remains the same fresh air we wanted to see from this beloved title.