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New product “Made in Limburg”: crowd beacons

New product “Made in Limburg”: crowd beacons

Hasselt The Safe Group and metalworking company Breetec from As have created a new app to notify large public collections. They are high metal poles equipped with a 4-sided LED screen on which all kinds of messages can be displayed. These crowd beacons, as they are called, are useful at festivals, for example.

“Crowd signals are prefabricated four-metre-high LED poles with messages on them,” says Elia Theuesen of The Safe Group. “You can display whatever you want on them: for example, safety instructions, event information, announcements, etc. And so on.” So light information, practical guidelines and important emergency announcements can be placed in the middle of the crowd. All they need is an electrical outlet and if that is not available, we can also connect them to a silent and compact emergency generator Ten, and is centrally operated.

Safe Group, which has brought in Breetec from As for the metal, wants to sell the narrowcast application not just to event organisers, but also to businesses, police and other security agencies. They’ve already been set up at the 505th concerts in Horst and last weekend at Extrema Outdoor.

Ilja Theuwissen and Pieter Jouck predict that fan beacons could give a good boost to player turnover. “In 2023, our turnover reached €4.5 million with 26 employees. This should reach €15 million within five years. We are also thinking about opening a number of additional branches in the rest of Flanders, so that we can be closer to our partners.” The duo concludes that customers can sit down for technical support.

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