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New residential project "Residence Lino" launched in Herentals Kleerroos

New residential project “Residence Lino” launched in Herentals Kleerroos

Wilrijk developer Custombuild, known for building modern and sustainable building projects, today officially launched its new residential project “Residence Lino” in Kleerroos Herentals. This concerns 41 building units on the territory of the old gas boiler site.

“In the midst of a peaceful green area with many pleasant walking paths, three ‘state of the art’ residential spaces – all built of soft, sustainable brick and framed by bronze windows and balustrades – will give the new construction site grandeur,” says Sebastien Francois. Co-Director of Custom Construction.

In total, there are 41 beautiful and energy-efficient condominiums, including different one-, two- and three-bedroom apartments, a family home and an elegant three-bedroom penthouse.

In addition, a multifunctional space of 165 square meters will be provided on the site that can serve as self-employment or other. All apartments are located in the corners of the building spaces so that the living areas benefit from a double orientation and a spacious private terrace with a beautiful view.

The dynamic architecture creates a feeling of spaciousness and ensures optimum privacy. In addition, there are several bike sheds with loading areas for e-bikes on site, and there is also an underground garage with 42 parking spaces and 40 private storage rooms.

The housing project – in collaboration with architecture firm Mertens-Architecten – will be completed at the end of 2024. Preparatory work will begin in the spring of 2022. More information on:“.

Residence Lino: scope and layout

At the end of 2024, three impressive building volumes will rise from the ground in Clairous, all built of sturdy, light brick along with windows and bronze balustrades.

Residence Lino will be a handsome new site with 41 energy-efficient condominiums, including 40 apartments – one, two and three bedrooms – and a single-family home.

All apartments have a spacious private terrace with a beautiful view of a spacious garden and wonderful landscape, with a variety of colorful flower beds, different local tree species and grassy valleys with pleasant walking paths in between.

This allows residents to spend the day in a wonderful environment and also enjoy green décor from their homes. Space, light and conviviality form the basis of Residence Lino’s architectural design.

All apartments are located in the corners of the building spaces so that the living areas benefit from a double orientation and a spacious private balcony. Due to the dynamic architecture, a feeling of spaciousness is created throughout, without the need to compromise the privacy of the residents.

The fee for the division of the three housing units:

Building A volume consists of four floors, each containing four apartments around a central stair core. Part of the building is on the fifth floor, where there are two apartments on the roof with spacious terraces and a great view. In total there are eighteen apartments.

In the B building volume there are four floors with three apartments around the central stair core and a smaller fifth floor fully occupied by a penthouse with a large and sunny rooftop terrace. In total there are thirteen apartments.

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Building volume C also has four floors, the third and fourth floors are clearly indented relative to the lower layers. On the ground floor, the ground floor of the family house will be built as well as a multifunctional space of 165 square meters.

This space can be set up as a self-employment or other practice. The bedrooms of the house are one floor higher. On this floor, as on the third and fourth floors, there are also three apartments around a central stair core. In total there are nine apartments.

Parking spaces for bicycles and cars

In addition to the relaxing function, the walking paths in the field also have a connecting function: they provide access to the residential units as well as to the bike sheds and the underground garage.

Various bike sheds will be provided at the Residentie Lino site: 40 places in the underground garage, 35 places on the ground floor in Volume C, 24 places covered for bikes next to Volume A and 26 places next to Volume B.

It will also be possible to charge your e-bike in all those places. Residents can also park their cars in the underground garage, which serves as a shared parking basement for the three residential volumes, and is also directly accessible from the three apartment buildings.

In addition to the bike sheds, the basement offers space for 42 parking spaces, 40 private storage rooms, and some technical rooms. Electricity is provided so that you can place a charging station for your electric car. The entrance to the underground car park is for cars and cyclists. Via the so-called slow staircase, you can easily get in and out of the garage with your bike.

Mobiscore: proximity to the center, nature reserves and environmentally responsible new construction

Residence Lino is ideally located. The housing project achieved a high score in Mubi[1] From 8.2 out of 10. As a resident, you rarely have to use a car to get to the shops, relaxation, sports, culture, schools or catering in the vicinity. Everything is close.

This also applies to care facilities including the pharmacy, GP practices and AZ Herentals Hospital. In addition, there is also a wide range of public transport.
Herentals has a vibrant club life, with many sports clubs, youth associations, seniors’ associations, and social and cultural organizations. The region also offers many nature reserves with a rich diversity of fauna and flora.

As a hiking enthusiast, it is nice to live here and there are many beautiful hiking routes. Herentals is also a paradise for those who love cycling. Residence Lino is the perfect base for a wonderful trip through the green heart of Antwerp Kempen. By the way, Herentals is a geographical center of roads, railways and waterways and therefore especially easy to reach.

Residence Lino also scores highly in terms of environmental friendliness. It’s about a new environmentally responsible building with sustainable architecture. For example, all homes have E30 E level or BEN 30 . level[2]. BEN buildings are energy efficient and use little energy for heating, ventilation, cooling and hot water.

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There is underfloor heating throughout which is connected to heat pumps. For rainwater infiltration, there will be a valley on the site. In addition, project developer Custombuild also takes pride in technological innovation.

Sebastien Francois, Co-Director of Custombuild continues, “Technology has become an integral part of our daily lives. Smart buildings take over some routine tasks from residents, via sensors that know when you are home or not. For example, lighting or heating will be adjusted automatically.

The main motive for investing in this as a project developer is to prevent wasted energy. The impact on the environment is positive and costs to the population are reduced. In addition, the smart building also offers advantages in terms of comfort, health and safety.

Sensors can provide personalized access control, automatically notify emergency services if smoke is detected etc. Reason enough to set up our new projects in such a way that they are ready for the future in terms of cabling and technical facilities.”

Interior design and assistance

All apartments can be furnished to measure according to the wishes and needs of the buyer. In consultation with residents, a Custombuild customer advisor then ensures that all homes are finished in detail.

Always focus on quality. 360° service is the basic principle of Custombuild: from the design of the building to the personal follow-up of the interior design and other potential matters that residents want in the context of a life-proof.

Residentie Lino is also equipped to provide seniors or people with disabilities with all the assistance they need in old age: from specific home furnishing including home automation with remote control, infrastructure modifications for the use of wheelchairs, installation of an emergency call system, adequate sanitation , … to additional services, such as meal delivery, in-house hairdressing, etc.

Architectural firm

For Residence Lino, Custombuild is working with Mertens Architects from Stabroek. This architectural firm consciously selects projects of different types so that the architectural designer remains alert to all trends and innovations in the sector.

This way, each mission remains a challenge and each outcome is truly unique and personal. For example, Philip Lambrigts, Co-Partner of Custombuild, says: “Collaboration with Mertens Architects is always very smooth. In this office they fully understand what we want to achieve. We fundamentally agree with the philosophy that architecture is about people, light and space.

general information :
The sales phase will start from 1 September. Interested parties can contact Custombuild by phone to make an appointment at 03/376 15 51 or by e-mail: [email protected] Photographs by Mertens Architects