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New uniform customs delight: ‘We will no longer walk around the deck like Michelin dolls’

New uniform customs delight: ‘We will no longer walk around the deck like Michelin dolls’

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It went well. Adrian says it’s a good uniform, but above all it’s very beautiful: “Colleagues, but the outside world is also very happy to say look at you.”

No more ‘Michelin pop’

According to Adrian, this is practical above all else. “We have to look for hidden places on board ships, and then you’re going from cold to hot and vice versa. We ‘ll be crawling, so it had to be flexible. The old uniform came with a thick winter line, and then you really happened. It’s improved now. “

His colleague Ed has been wearing the new uniform since this morning and immediately discovered an issue. “I was wearing pants this morning and got stuck behind the tab on the pants. I broke that tab. So there’s still a little room for improvement.”

Zeeland customs officers Adrian and Ed are delighted with their new uniform

The old uniform was designed seventeen years ago and, according to customs, does not meet the requirements of current corporate clothing. That’s why designer Mart Viser was brought in to come up with a new design.

‘Improves uniform appearance’

The color blue was chosen because it radiates authenticity and power, the same color worn by customs in earlier times. “With the visibility and recognition that Customs wants, this blue color fits so well,” says the designer of the new uniform. “The uniform enhances the appearance of the customs officer.”

For the new customs uniform, recycled and durable materials are used as much as possible, especially recycled polyester and organic cotton. According to Customs Officer Ed, it is noteworthy. “You can notice that this is a good fabric, that it’s a new fabric, and in the meantime the growth has not stopped yet.

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Used again

Old uniforms do not go in the trash. They are collected and taken to a shelter workshop. Where possible, clothing should be left entirely and reused. In doing so, the customs marks will be removed. About 99 percent of non-reusable clothing is recycled as a raw material, Customs said.