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New York Parliament: End of Cuomo impeachment inquiry in sight |  abroad

New York Parliament: End of Cuomo impeachment inquiry in sight | abroad

A New York parliamentary committee said it is nearing completion of its impeachment inquiry into Governor Andrew Cuomo. Cuomo’s lawyer has until August 13 to present exculpatory evidence.

Cuomo has been under tremendous pressure to resign since a report accusing him was released Harassment of eleven women. President Joe Biden, a fellow party member, also called on him to leave. If Cuomo refuses, Parliament can try to impeach him. There, a House committee launched its own investigation in March to investigate all kinds of allegations against the governor.

The New York Parliament consists of two houses: the House of Representatives, the New York State Assembly, and the Senate. If a majority of House members support an impeachment measure against Cuomo, the trial will proceed in the Senate. If Cuomo was convicted there, he would be removed from office. He was then succeeded by Lieutenant Governor Cathy Hochhol.

Cuomo’s Democratic Party has a majority in both houses, but the question is whether it has enough supporters to block impeachment proceedings. Democrats held emergency consultations this week, and there appears to be strong support for bringing such a case up based on the sexual misconduct report, The New York Times reports.

New York State Assembly. © AP


Supporters wanted a vote to start an impeachment case in a week or a week and a half. They feared Cuomo would find a way to survive the scandal if they were not in a hurry, the minutes indicate. Rep. Charles Barron said: “We need to impeach the governor immediately or it will look like we’re wasting time on the governor.”

The Chairman of the House Legal Committee, Charles D. Lavigne, on Thursday, said the investigation into Cuomo’s case was “almost complete,” but did not give a deadline. Lavigne and House Speaker Karl Hesty have reportedly spoken out against rushing the trial. Hesty insisted that proper preparation for such a case was necessary and assured that the governor would do everything in his power to refute all allegations.


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