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New Zealand bans smartphone use in schools |  Abroad

New Zealand bans smartphone use in schools | Abroad

New Zealand has banned the use of smartphones in schools. Prime Minister Christopher Lacson announced this on Friday. As the reading and writing skills of New Zealand’s youth continue to deteriorate, the move must ensure better school outcomes.

“We are going to ban phones in all schools in New Zealand. We want our students to be taught and our teachers to be taught,” he said. According to him, this move will ensure that students are not distracted in class.

The Dutch government sees growing evidence that mobile phones in the classroom are harmful. Hence, the use of mobile phones will not be allowed in secondary schools from January 1, 2024. By the way, this is not a legal prohibition, but a guideline.

“Students can lose focus and their performance suffers. We need to protect students from this. That’s why non-academic use of mobile phones and tablets or smartwatches will no longer be allowed in the classroom by 2024.” The ministry said on its website.

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