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Newborn twins Feri Somogyi were admitted to the hospital

Newborn twins Feri Somogyi were admitted to the hospital

Newborn twins Feri Somogyi were admitted to the hospital

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Newborn twins Feri Somogyi were admitted to the hospital

Since May, Ferry Somogyi and his wife, Noel, have become the parents of twin stars: Lux and Emery. However, Noëlle is now sharing some sad news about her two sons on Instagram.

The twins were found to have RS and were therefore hospitalized. Noel: “Because they were born prematurely and still very young, they are more likely to get into trouble.” Fortunately, one of the boys, Lux, was found healthy enough to go home. Emery, on the other hand, is less fortunate, according to the mother involved.

“Emery was less fortunate and, in addition to the RS virus, he is also infected with the Rhinovirus,” Noelle wrote in her Instagram post. “Last Thursday, he was taken in an ambulance to the Wilhelmina Children’s Hospital and is in the intensive care unit there. Until yesterday he was on a ventilator and was asleep.” She also describes seeing her sick son as “very sad and very exhausted”. Among other things, seeing all those respiratory and venous tubes, as well as the fact that Emery is retaining a lot of fluid, is understandably described by the mother as “violent.”

Proud of our little fighters

But fortunately, the tide seems to be turning a bit and Emery is ‘moving on’. Something a mother would see as a beautiful gift on her 30th birthday. Her son was also allowed to return to a hospital in the area to continue his illness and recover.

Lots of support

Finally, Noel points out that it has a lot to do with the environment: “Fortunately, we have a lot of help and support from family and friends, and all the cards, flowers, and gifts are so sweet!” Moreover, she expresses her gratitude to the hospitals: “We are very grateful for the quick work and super care in both hospitals. Without them, it would not have gone this way.”

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We hope that both boys will recover soon, so that the family can enjoy each other at home with all health.