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News from Berkelland »Peace, space and hospitality at B&B Borgersteeg

By Redactie on 05/30/2021

NOORDIJK – Jessica LaBunder, owner of B&B Borgersteeg in Noordijk, has moved from The Hague to Noordijk since October 2019, with her husband and two children (Dennis, Amy and Jens). The big city was replaced by a farm in Achterhoek and from day one the family did not regret their move from west to east. They lived in The Hague on the outskirts of Ypenburg, near a large recreation and nature area, and Denis and Jessica originally belonged to the Wieringermeerse polder in the north of the Netherlands. They are accustomed to the rural areas and they live in a village and they also wish their children this experience. For Jessica, the bed and breakfast is a huge challenge that closes the cycle for her. She studied leisure management in Leeuwarden, then held commercial positions in the temporary employment sector for more than ten years, then retrained and worked as a teacher for the past seven years before returning to the entertainment sector with her own residence. Due to her Indian roots, Jessica loves to welcome people and give them a great experience.

A major renovation
From October 2019 to the beginning of January 2020, there has been a major renovation of their farm. This B&B has new wellness facilities, a luxurious bathroom and a beautiful kitchen. On January 3, 2020, Mayor Joost van Oostrum opened the bed and breakfast and it was fully booked on the spot. Things are going well and they are happy about it. The advantage of this bed and breakfast is that guests have access to the entire front house and there is room for a maximum of four people. Note that people like to stay with them for longer than one night, which is also possible due to the full furniture. It is also possible to rent a bed and breakfast as a vacation home where all facilities are the same but breakfast is not served.

Buy locally
The family wants the optimal quality and experience for its guests. For breakfast, local produce is used, and bread is provided by Bakker Stroet, cheese from Sprokkelhuuske, and fresh flowers from Bloemenhoekje, all from Neede. If the quality has to be pushed further, they don’t think this is a problem which is why Jessica chooses to get meat products from the butcher Kastelein in Diepenheim. The jam is homemade, and this spring chicken track will be built so you can also serve your own eggs for breakfast. What also makes B&B Borgersteeg unique is the covered ability to park up to four motorcycles (and so are the bikes) on a ground anchor. Beautiful motorcycle routes are also marked by an experienced road captain. Of course, walkers and cyclists can also enjoy the various routes that B&B Borgersteeg has to offer. To give passers-by the opportunity to come “shy” for some time, the Borgersteeg also became a break point. The family marked the break point in the barn where all of the old tools used on the farm were still hanging. Here hikers, cyclists, villagers or other passersby can quietly enjoy a cup of coffee, tea or something fresh with a treat or ice cream. It is accessible, with self-catering, and thus a great opportunity to enjoy all the tranquility, space and hospitality that the Laponder family has to offer.

The B&B Borgersteeg instantly won the Golden Zoover in its first year
Every year Zoover awards prizes for the best accommodation options in the Netherlands. These are campsites, hotels, holiday parks, and also bed and breakfasts. B & B Borgersteeg started in 2020 and immediately won the Golden Zoover Award. This allows the bed and breakfast to rank among the best bed and breakfasts in the Netherlands.

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For owner Jessica Laponder, it was a huge honor and crown in her first year as an entrepreneur at the bed and breakfast, in which she tries to give her guests the ultimate experience by allowing them to enjoy her hospitality but also the beautiful views of Bocage Achterhoek. Of course it doesn’t just happen, in the last year I learned what entrepreneurship is and where you can improve yourself. For example, this year’s B & B design is planned.

Exceptionally high
The B&B Borgersteeg is rated 9.5, which is exceptionally high. Good incentive to keep going and win such a great prize next year! Jessica notes that starting the bed and breakfast was a good choice and she really enjoyed doing business. The Dutch remain their country and discover Achterhoek. They value the luxury, tranquility, space and hospitality of this bed and breakfast and experience these as a huge plus at this time.

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