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Nico Storm succeeds Reinhild Declare in Totti Fratelli: "Having a beautiful presentation is the best way to honor Reinhild" (Antwerp)

Nico Storm succeeds Reinhild Declare in Totti Fratelli: “Having a beautiful presentation is the best way to honor Reinhild” (Antwerp)

In 2019, Reinhold Decler brought fellow actor Nico Storm to Totti Fratelli for the first time. The actor wrote and directed the performance for them The invisible† This was an amazing experience, says Nico Storm. “I felt like a kid in a beautiful candy store. Working with Fratelli has been so inspiring and loving. They are people who are balancing on the edge of society, people who in some cases have lost their self-esteem. But at Fratelli they have their voices back and they are finally heard again. We performed Cool then.”

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When Sturm introduced himself to the party, he addressed them from a chair. Not in a condescending way, but in an honest and unconditional way. And after a while Renhilde must have thought: ‘That’s exactly what no sjarel Who might stay here a little longer.”

He clicked with Fratelli as he always clicked with Reinhilde. “We were one hand on one stomach,” says the actor. “Rina hastened to say that we should ‘clap.’ We made plans. The intention was to help and pardon her from time to time, so that in the long run, when Reinhild was about 100 years old, I might allow the ship to continue sailing. Unfortunately he went much faster. When Turns out how sick she was, she asked me to keep going. And it’s hard to refuse Reinhild. She convinced me I could. That ship is so beautifully built, it just wouldn’t go awry. I drew the whole line for the following years.”

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In 2019, Reinilde Decleir invited Nico Sturm to Tutti Fratelli to perform De Onzichtbaren. © Jeroen Hansler

Greetings to Rina

Sturm believes that the process at Tutti Fratelli is not necessarily different from that conducted by theater companies with professional actors. “There is a great deal of discipline, we practice just as much and language is just as important. The process takes longer because we mainly train in the evenings. But that is also how we eventually get to a full technical performance. It is not an occupational therapy.”

The past few months haven’t been easy. “We still hope that Reineld is OK and in the meantime we keep working hard,” Sturm says. “Having a nice show is the best way to honor Reina. At the table, we will express our sadness, after which we will start training again with discipline. It also provides us with stability and support. Going on September 30th storm the first show. Frans, one of our most experienced actors, will play the role that Tom Lannoy originally wrote for Reinhild.”

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Scholarship file

In her most recent interview with The Gazette, Decler witnessed how difficult it was to make ends meet with Totti Fratelli. “The latest support file for Tutti Fratelli has been provisionally approved,” says Nico Storm. We are not getting the amount we asked for. Let’s hope that all the people in politics who are now praising her artistic talent and social commitment, ensure that our process can go a little more comfortably. The final decision will be made in June. We hope that the Flemish community and the city of Antwerp will take their responsibility.”

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Tutti Fratelli’s private building at Lange Gasthuisstraat is partially closed. Buildings in the neighbors have caused major cracks in the lobby and hall and will remain closed for renovation for at least a year and a half. “Fortunately we can still use the frontage of the building. There are offices and we can still eat together before rehearsals. For the same rehearsals, we move to Het Paleis and TriArte, the former Real Antwerp theatre. Both are within walking distance.”

Storm herself, like Reinhild Declare, will also remain active elsewhere in the theater and on screen. “Now it all seems like a lot, but from experience I know that too Storm You will lie down.”