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Johnny de Mol addresses viewers and denies ex-abuse: 'Nothing is real' |  showbiz

Johnny de Mol addresses viewers and denies ex-abuse: ‘Nothing is real’ | showbiz

showbizJohnny De Mol addressed viewers of his “HLF8” talk show on Wednesday night and openly denied that he abused his ex-wife, Shema Case. She accuses him of attempted manslaughter and aggravated assault, but according to De Mol, “that’s not true.” “I didn’t do any of that.”

Johnny said he had doubts about presenting his talk show on SBS 6 after the issue surfaced again in the news on Wednesday. For a moment it seemed like someone else was going to fill it in, but De Mol was there anyway.

“There have been more beautiful days for me,” he said at the beginning of the broadcast, standing in front of the camera. The presenter referred to a post in “HP/De Tijd” where it can be read that Shema claims to have been kicked and beaten by De Mol. He also allegedly tried to strangle her.

“It’s a story that’s haunted me for a long time,” Johnny said. “It’s about a relationship seven years ago, and that relationship wasn’t really all in harmony. But in all honesty and with two fingers in the air: None of that is true. I didn’t do any of that, there’s no question of abuse.”

Three accidents

Johnny De Mol and Shema Case entered into a relationship in 2014. They got engaged in April 2015, but broke up a month later. At the end of 2020, Case filed a complaint against De Mol for aggravated assault and attempted manslaughter. Her legal counsel confirmed that investigators first heard her this week.

Case’s report relates to three alleged incidents from 2015 – in Mexico’s Tulum, in Amsterdam and Ibiza – in which Johnny de Mol hit her, kicked her and attempted to strangle her. Although the events took place years ago, Case said he had never dared to report the crime before. After describing the alleged abuse in a book about the De Mol family, she did, after all.

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