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Nils Destadsbadr on the tough competition in The Smartest Me...

Nils Destadsbadr on the tough competition in The Smartest Me…

In the second episode of “The World’s Smartest Person,” Nils Destadsbadder and Dorian Osims rose to the bench of newcomer and influencer Wiam. They know right away that they will be allowed to clean their toes: Wiam – pronounced “Wie-em” and is a bioengineer. “This is different from a Flemish singer.”

Eva de Porter

Tonight’s winner:

Influencer Wiam scores 614 seconds and gets the third best score ever. That’s what you get if you know the French translation for peanut butter.


Niels Destadsbader makes a tactical foul in the last game, forcing Dorianne Aussems to give Yves Lampaert three answers in five seconds. This works, and the singer has to go home.

Tuesday night’s newcomer:

Basketball player Jean-Marc Mwema.

Best quotes:

harmony Graduated as a bioengineer, that can count on compliments.

Destadsbadr: “This is different from a Flemish singer.”

Jerome: “But you can say that about anything, Niels.


harmony: “Bioengineering is the study of all the living sciences. Physics, chemistry, biology and their implications.”

Eric Van Lowe: “Do you have anything to add to that, Niels?

Destadsbadr: “Oh conquer conquer conquer.”


Van Lowe: “I almost drowned three times.”

Mark Marie: three times?

Jerome: “Yes, the elevator he was taking to the bathroom was broken.”


Jerome: We are playing at home temptation island Often then, around the garden fire pit. Then Elodie plays the woman in love and I am the seducer. And a lawn-mowing robot plays Victor Verholst.”

The most beautiful moment:

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