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Gal Gadot himself asked for a raise in 'Wonder Woman 1984': 'I was willing to quit' |  Movie

Gal Gadot himself asked for a raise in ‘Wonder Woman 1984’: ‘I was willing to quit’ | Movie

MovieGal Gadot, 36, requested an increase in the bonus before participating in the second Wonder Woman movie. The Israeli actress revealed this in an interview with ELLE. “I was willing to leave if I didn’t get a fair wage.”

The first Wonder Woman movie was a huge success, grossing over $800 million worldwide. Gal Gadot received “only” $300,000 (€258,000) and was very satisfied with it during contract negotiations: “I was very grateful. It was my big break.”

But for Wonder Woman 1984, Gadot demanded higher wages than Warner Bros. “I had a lot up my sleeve and was willing to step down if I wasn’t paid fairly.” The actress succeeded in her plan and the studio is said to have paid her about 30 times more than the original amount. “When I stand up for my rights, I also know that I am within my rights,” the star added.

I’m not the only one

Gadot is not the first actress to claim that she is underpaid. Scarlett Johansson, 36, started a lawsuit against Disney this summer, because she would have received too little from Marvel’s ‘Black Widow’. The film was simultaneously released in theaters and on the streaming service Disney +, which caused the actress to lose revenue. The publication brought in $379 million (327 million euros) at the beginning of October, while Johansson received just $20 million (17 million euros). In the end, the actress and Disney reached a settlement.

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Chadwick Boseman in the movie ’21 Bridges’. © ZDF and Matt Kennedy

The men also defended the wages of their female colleagues. Chadwick Boseman showed his generous side two years ago by partially paying his opponent Sienna Miller in 21 Bridges out of his own pocket. The actor, who died last summer from the effects of colon cancer, learned that Miller had asked for a certain amount, but studio heads did not agree. He adjusted his salary without hesitation so that Miller could meet the amount you set. “He said I deserved it,” the actress said.

Gal Gadot can be seen in the action movie Red Notice on Netflix in November. Dwayne Johnson and Ryan Reynolds will also play other leading roles.

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