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Nissan Hyperbank: especially for influencers

Nissan Hyperbank: especially for influencers

A new day, a new concept car from Nissan. Today we get to know the Nissan Hyperbank, a study model that the brand says was specially designed for it Content creators It was designed.

Do you live life through TikToking, Instagramming, or do you simply spend a significant portion of your earthly existence in a world where everything revolves around you and the likes and views you get? Then this concept car called Hyper Punk is specially made for you. These are not our words, but Nissan’s words.

After the Hyper Urban, Hyper Adventure and Hyper Tourer, the Nissan Hyper Punk is the fourth in a series of study models that will be presented to the public during the Japan Mobility Expo. With the new arrivals, Nissan seems to mainly want to attract the attention of young people. Study models should be available in the video game Fortnite, among others. With Hyper Punk, Nissan goes a little further in this regard. The car focuses on[…] Content creators, influencers, artists, and anyone who embraces style and innovation. According to Nissan, the show car provides a “seamless connection between the physical and virtual worlds.”

Nissan hyperbank concept.

Nissan equips the interior of the Hyper Punk Concept with cameras so you can record your own videos anywhere. AI software should make it possible to overlay images you’ve captured with Manga– Like the style. The result can then be recalled on the three screens inside. According to Nissan, this creates — wait for it — “[…] A world where reality merges with the supernatural. “Nissan calls the car a mobile studio. Sensors in the headrests should be able to sense the mood of the occupants and then adjust the music and lighting inside accordingly.”[…] To enhance the driver’s energy and creativity.”

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Nissan hyperbank concept

Create great content.

Woolier than sheep, but Hyper Punk also seems to have some significance. Nissan calls the car the next generation of crossovers, among other things. So we might see a glimpse of what Nissan has in store for the next-generation Juke in the angular display model.