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NMBS has new application functions that have been tested by the general public  local

NMBS has new application functions that have been tested by the general public local

From now on, the general public will test the new functions of the NMBS Railway application and help improve them before the functions are integrated into the official application. The railway company announces this.

The public can test these new functions via the “NMBS Lab” app. The railway company explains that this app is similar to the official NMBS app, but without the option to purchase tickets. Anyone who wants can install NMBS Lab starting Monday via the App Store and Google Play.

“The benefits of the NMBS laboratory are numerous,” NMBS says in a press release. “Travelers can test the new features for a few weeks and their feedback ensures that the functionality can be added to the official app much faster after a positive review.”

Practical information

Users can now test two new functions in NMBS Lab. The “Train Configuration” function provides the traveler with practical information about the train he or she would like to take. For example, the function shows whether the train has air conditioning, or where a carriage with space for bicycles or a first-class carriage is located.


“Don’t miss my stop” is another feature that can actually be tested. Passengers who do not want to miss their arrival or transfer station will receive a notification when the train enters that station.

Both functions are temporarily available in the NMBS Lab app. “Based on its evaluation, a decision will be taken whether to integrate it into the NMBS application or not,” the railway company said.

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