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NMBS must guarantee more early and late trains |  The interior

NMBS must guarantee more early and late trains | The interior

NMBS should ensure that more trains run in the early, late, and weekend hours, and that there is a minimum of reception at each station. This is evident from the list of requirements for a new management contract with the railway company approved by the Federal Cabinet. Today the newspaper wrote that De Morgen was able to peruse the document.

The management contract specifies the services that SNCB will have to provide in the next 10 years in exchange for the benefits it provides. The previous version dates back to 2008 and has been extended each time due to political struggles.

Now the federal government has laid out the framework for a new agreement that will be negotiated further in the coming months. She believes NMBS should allow more trains to run in the early and late hours and over the weekend. Remarkably, there are now also reception requirements at stations. So far, none has left, leaving Mobility Minister George Gilkinet (Ecolo) helpless when NMBS recently decided to shut down 44 meters.

The government has also now approved a framework for the Infrabel Rail Infrastructure Manager. In this package of requirements, it is noted, among other things, that the company should help create more and faster international train connections between European cities. By 2030, twice as many goods will have to be transported by rail than they are now.

Starting next week, the first working groups will consider management contracts, which will go into effect in December 2022.

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