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TikTokker Jietse (24): “Some videos are private because I'm ashamed of them” |  Jeez!

TikTokker Jietse (24): “Some videos are private because I’m ashamed of them” | Jeez!

Jeez!Life for young people in Flanders, or Generation Z, is not always easy. That’s why radio maker Tom de Kock invites two guys every week to his new podcast JEZ! “Meet The Z’s”, and they each have their own opinion on one specific question. This week, Tom talks to Tiktokker Jietse Pauwaert (24) and actress Cathalina Geeraerts (17) about Gen Z’s addiction: TikTok. How do you deal with social media as a young person? Can you still easily distinguish between reality and “fake news”? You’ll find out all about it in the full episode of “Meet The Z’s” podcast.


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12-23-07, 16:19