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'No Time to Die' online is now much faster than expected

‘No Time to Die’ online is now much faster than expected

The 25th Bond movie was released in the Netherlands at the end of September No time to die In theaters a week later the film also appeared in the United States. It is not yet known when fans can get the latest adventure on Blu-ray, but in the US, the movie will soon be available online via Premium Video on Demand.Starting next Tuesday, much sooner than expected, fans will be able to rent the movie on Amazon, Apple, Xfinity, DirecTV, Spectrum, and Vudu. This is supposed to be in select regions only, and if you access it, it will probably be without Dutch subtitles.

As of Tuesday, there is no time to die online
No time to die At $19.99 for 48-hour rent. When was the last Bond movie with James Bond Daniel Craig Available online in the Netherlands It is not clear yet.

in the United States , No time to die $140 million so far, although that’s still about half sky fall. The 2012 Bond movie grossed over $300 million. global country No time to die Currently more than 610 million dollars.

The director’s film is located in the Netherlands Curry Fukunaga The five weeks In the top 10 titles in cinemas.

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