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Several dead in Indiana Jones 5 shooting in Morocco

Several dead in Indiana Jones 5 shooting in Morocco

November 7, 2021 – 10:17 – Culture


Nick Kabak, a member of the cast of the movie Indiana Jones 5, was found dead in his hotel room in the Moroccan city of Fez.

According to the preliminary results of the investigation, the 54-year-old victim died of natural causes. He was part of the film’s crew technical control team. The fifth episode of the action movie Indiana Jones is currently being filmed in Fez.

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Cupac was a skilled technician. He previously participated in the filming of “Harry Potter”, “Jurassic Park”, “Star Wars” or “Guardians of the Galaxy”.

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The Indiana Jones 5 movie starring Harrison Ford and Antonio Banderas was originally scheduled to release on July 9, 2021 but was pushed back to July 29, 2022 due to the health crisis. Disney recently announced that the movie won’t be released until 2023.