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'Noa Lang supplies Vincent Manart with an ice-cold shower at Club Brugge' |  Football 24

‘Noa Lang supplies Vincent Manart with an ice-cold shower at Club Brugge’ | Football 24

Tue 08 March 2022 – 08:00 am by the editors

Club Brugge won on Saturday with steady numbers from Syring. However, back in the past, it was mainly about Noa Lang who immediately went to the dressing room after being replaced.

After the match, Alfred Schroeder said: “It is a shame that this happened, because it was not necessary after such a beautiful evening.” “It was pre-agreed to give Charles minutes anyway, and our strikers have had three tough games in recent weeks.”

Noah Lang will definitely be visiting other places after the season is over. Milan have been the more solid club for some time, but the Dutch player’s lower form also has consequences for his transfer. The club reportedly wanted at least €25m for the winger.

Lang can’t make his mark in the new year and they saw it too in Milan. According to journalist Rudi Galletti, the Italian club is preparing an offer worth 20 million euros. Much less than they had hoped to get at the club.

Het staat vast dat Noa Lang na het seizoen andere oorden opzoekt. Milan is al langer de meest concrete club, maar de mindere vorm van de Nederlander heeft ook gevolgen voor zijn transfer. Club wou naar verluidt minstens 25 miljoen euro voor de winger.

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In het nieuwe jaar kan Lang zijn stempel maar niet drukken en dat hebben ze bij Milan ook gezien. Volgens journalist Rudy Galetti bereidt de Italiaanse topclub een bod voor van 20 miljoen euro. Heel wat minder dus dan wat ze bij Club hoopten te vangen.


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