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Noah Lang thinks he deserved the Golden Shoe: "Everyone knows who's the best player: Me" |  Golden Shoe

Noah Lang thinks he deserved the Golden Shoe: “Everyone knows who’s the best player: Me” | Golden Shoe

Golden ShoeFor a moment I thought he would win. Then it turned out that Charles de Kettleri took only third place. But in the end, Nua Lang got stranded a lot Golden Shoe Paul Onwacho. “Oh, I expected this. I give it to Paul too, I’m happy for him. When you score so many goals, it’s a huge achievement. Just… if you look at the stats, my grades are better.”

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A faint smile followed.

It is true that no one was more decisive in 2021 than Noa Lang, if you add his goals and his crafting. But after the summer, only 49 points were added to his 223 points from the first round. Lang smiled: “That’s strange.” After that, he spoke briefly about his “morals”. “Oh, I won’t change. I am who I am. Look how far I’ve come with that. (I think) I deserved that golden shoe, I guess.”

It became the most jerky place. Secondly.

A hug from Chairman Bart Verheig – next to a hand from Vincent Manart – was his turn. “What did he say? That we still have four months to become champions. Just wait and see. I’m not angry, no. I think everyone knows who the best player is. And that’s me,” Lang winked. He posted his Instagram story moments later that he was “proud of himself. Whatever others say”.

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Noah Lang. © Gregory van Jansen/Photo News

Lang left the Antwerp fair with a consolation prize: the ‘Goal of the Year’ award. “At the time, I didn’t realize it was such a great goal. For me, goals like this are normal. (Laughter) But then it spread.”

Then Lange added that there was “a good chance” he would work in his final months at the club.

“But be a hero first.”

Noa Lang also responded briefly on Instagram.

Noa Lang also responded briefly on Instagram. © Instagram Noa Lang

Video. Noah Lang won the award for the best goal of the year

Charles de Kettlery was also disappointed with his third place finish:

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Joel Hoelaerts / Photo News

© Joel Hoelaerts/Photo News