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Who will win the Belgian time trial championship?  "Evenepoel gets a kick out of this favorite role" |  Cycling BK

Who will win the Belgian time trial championship? “Evenepoel gets a kick out of this favorite role” | Cycling BK

Soon there will be a battle for the national tricolor in the time trial. Radio commentator Christophe Vandegor believes it will turn into a duel between his teammates, Remko Evenebuel and Yves Lampert. But he’s also looking forward to Ilan Van Wilder’s performance.

At Ingelmunster, the major powers will race against the clock in a time trial of 37.6 kilometres. “Eevenpole is a top-tier favourite, but it can be exciting,” says radio reporter Christophe Vandegaur.

“A lot will depend on Yves Lampaert, the local rider. He gained confidence on the Tour of Belgium by finishing just two seconds off Evenepoel.”

“Of course it’s a completely different distance. 10 kilometers at Knoki and now in the 30 kilometer range. That’s a big difference. Under normal circumstances he goes between the two, especially with Woot van Aert missing.”

“What if Evenepoel can take on the favorite role? If anyone can do it, it’s him. He even got kicked out of it.”

Absence of Wut Van Aert

So Van Aert won’t defend his three colors and Vandegor understands that. “This is a shame. Also for the emergence of the Belgian championship, which has only received attention in recent years.”

“Thanks to Victor Campinerts in particular. If you get Van Aert before the tour starts, it just gives extra oomph. The two big guys in Tokyo.”

“He has his reasons for not being there and they are very reasonable. With all due respect to the Belgian time trial, but for Van Aart, the opening weekend of the Tour de France is much more important than the new Belgian title at the time of the experience.”

For Van Aert, the opening weekend of the Tour de France is more important than the new Belgian title in the time trial.

‘Van Wilder has really grown in time’

Vandegoor also pays special attention to 21-year-old Ilan Van Wilder. “He’s still very young. Imagine he’s third on the podium. It could just be that.”

“Van Wilder has really grown in time trials this year, although he was on shorter time trials and went a lot more difficult. In the Tour de Romandie, he finished fourth, in the Dauphiné fifth. That’s among the greats of this world.”

“The only thing I’m looking forward to with Van Wilder is distance. He didn’t do that much, as he was driving a time trial of over 30km. His result today will say a lot about the future.”

BK in Sporza

You can follow the British Columbia experience closely at Sporza. Broadcasting on Canvas begins at 3.30pm. Then we also turn on the live broadcast, and Radio 1 gives flashes of the Belgian title fight. We’ll also keep you posted on the Women’s Championship.

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