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Nor does the councilman want any more "drowsiness" for ...

Nor does the councilman want any more “drowsiness” for …

Erna Stratsma

Alvin an den Rhein

Also Alderman Gerard van As (Economy/New Elan) doesn’t want any more “drowsiness” for Alvin aan den Rijn.

He said this Thursday evening during the council’s discussion on the business park strategy for the coming years.

I don’t wait for companies where everything is automated and only three people work,” says Van. “I don’t want shoeboxes. We don’t support snoozing, because that takes up a lot of space.”

In doing so, Council member supports the view of the Economic Development Board (EDBA) Alvin Ann Dean Ryan. This economic platform previously announced that it does not consider the arrival of large-scale logistics centers desirable, as this is at the expense of green areas and creates few job opportunities.

The EDBA Board of Directors includes representatives from the Greenport Boskoop Benefit Promotion Foundation, Leisure and Tourism Platform, Rijnland MBO, Alphen Business Association, Center Management Foundation and Alphen Marketing.

Van As collaborates on the arrival of a large logistics distribution center in Stitchterpoort, around agreements and costs made in the past.


In the coming years, politicians in Alvin want to invest a lot of energy in condensing existing industrial areas, in order to avoid sacrificing green spaces as much as possible. However, Van As believes that it will need a maximum of thirty hectares for the arrival of the new companies.