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Frick Brickman To Stay All Night At BV's For New Podcast: "I Don't Come There As A Journalist, But Only As A Curious Person" |  showbiz

Frick Brickman To Stay All Night At BV’s For New Podcast: “I Don’t Come There As A Journalist, But Only As A Curious Person” | showbiz

showbizFrick Brickman, 42, was surprised by a brand new podcast. In “Freek Stays Sleeping,” the VTMs news anchor visits BV with a small microphone and, as the name suggests, also stays all night with them: “I want to stay with them so I can get a good picture of them by morning,” it seems. And he’s not just talking about their personality. “Niels Destadsbadr is a better entertainer than a cook.”

Freek Braeckman releases a new podcast “Freek Stays Sleeping” every week. In it, he visits BVs with a small microphone and, as the name suggests, also stays in their house to sleep. Follow all his podcasts closely at this file.

“Of course I don’t want any cameras in my house either,” says Frick Brickman. “But here’s the fun part when I go: I just ring the doorbell—no camera crew. I just bring a microphone and my toothbrush. That way the listener can get in, but my host or hostess isn’t in trouble for his or her privacy.” He says the decision to go to the podcast was an obvious choice. “I started once on the radio and always found a very nice medium. It also looks a lot more natural. When I have to do an interview for the news, there’s a camera crew, a drone, a beauty team — and you even have to sit a certain way. It’s not necessary here.”

Helmut Lottie Pasta Sauce

“Meanwhile I’ve already recorded a number of episodes and it’s been great so far,” Frick continues. “My hosts don’t have to do anything special either, because I stay in the background when they cook or have to walk their dogs. Can I really tell who can cook well? Suppose Nils Destadsbadr is a better entertainer than a cook. (laughs) But he cooked for me, And we laughed a lot about it. Nora Gharib didn’t feel like cooking, so we ordered pizza so we could chat longer. Helmut Lotte on the other hand prepared a very extensive three-course menu – he even made pasta sauce in advance, which was really tasty” . Does Frick always expect an extensive menu as a guest? “No it’s not. If someone wants to give me a sandwich, that’s fine too. I’m just present, live your life.”

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I don’t come here as a journalist. I’m just going to sleep like a curious human being. So I don’t ask questions beforehand

Freak Brickman

Sleeping in people’s homes: It’s something he’s used to since his teenage years. “I used to do fencing,” Frick says, a relatively young sport, and as a result there was little to no extra budget for. When I went on an internship in Belarus, for example, there was no money to spend two weeks in a hotel there. So I stayed there sleeping with people I know a little bit about fencing. I haven’t spoken the language and you don’t really know these people very well, but by staying with them you develop a very intimate bond. You have to. This is one of those definite intimacy you’ll never get with a stranger on the bus. If someone is sitting there next to you, you’d rather put a plastic bag in between,” he laughs.

Take your prejudices with you

Braeckman’s podcast’s focus is on natural, non-compulsive conversation, so he doesn’t ask questions beforehand. “In my daily job as a news anchor at VTM Nieuws I am prepared in the press for every interview. I know exactly how to handle that, because sometimes I only have 4-5 minutes to ask questions. While I know people here, I won’t be looking for all Articles about this person in advance. Precisely because I don’t really want to get there as a journalist. In this case, I am a person who spends the night thinking: “I am very curious about you and would like to get to know you.” This is how he puts himself in the shoes of his listeners. “I came and carried” prejudice Which the listener suffers from, too. For example, everyone thinks that Nils, the star of the moment, should live somewhere in a huge villa and have a cook who makes food for him. But he lives in a house next to his parents and drops his dog there when he goes jogging to be fit for Sportpaleis. That’s just a boy like everyone else.” The journalist at Frick nicely sums up his attitude towards his guests: “Unrestrictive, biased by nature and inquisitive. So I’m a guest.”

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extra for himself

All the best, stay up the night, but what happens the next morning? “I stop recording when I crawl into my bed. Practically I stay at night, because otherwise you have to pretend to sleep — only to wake up again to clean up all your recordings. Then you act and I just don’t want to do that. But I’m curious too. This conversation over breakfast is actually the most fun thing of all, but I don’t have to broadcast it. That’s the luxury of a journalist, an addition to yourself.”

“Freek Stays Sleeping,” Freek Braeckman’s new podcast, can be heard starting December 15 on, Spotify and Apple. Listen to the first episode below.

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