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North Korea refuses to talk to “deceitful” United States …

North Korea refuses to negotiate with “rogue” Washington over nuclear mechanization. This was reported by the North Korean state-run KCNA on Sunday. Pyongyang is dissatisfied with the recent statements of US President Joe Biden and members of his government.

The reports come after the US government said President Joe Biden supports an “open diplomatic” approach to North Korea over nuclear disarmament. The North Korean Foreign Ministry said in a statement that the United States was trying to “cover up its hostile actions.”

In a separate statement issued by KCNA, the ministry accused US President Kim Jong-un of insulting him. “Criticism of human rights is a provocation, showing that the United States is preparing for a full-blown confrontation with North Korea and will respond accordingly,” it said.

On Wednesday, Joe Biden announced to Congress that he would use both “diplomacy and austerity” to thwart Pyongyang’s nuclear programs. The goal of the Americans is the “complete nuclearization” of the Korean Peninsula.

It is unclear how the US government will do that. It seems that South Korea and Japan will be in close contact. The government is also distancing itself from former President Donald Trump’s approach. Still, the Biden administration wants to be more efficient than Barack Obama.

On April 21, South Korean President Moon made a phone call to Geo-pitan asking him to resume talks with Pyongyang.