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Alice Cooper, rocker but talented radio producer – RadioVC

In the 1970s you had a well-known American syndicate radio show, The Wolfman Jack Show or Casey Casim’s American Top 40, which you can listen to in Europe via AFN, the U.S. military radio network. There are not many American syndicates today, you can hear in Europe as well.

One of the few exceptions’Nights with Alice Cooper‘, A five-hour evening show It is already in its 18th year in the United States You can listen to live there every day via 115 Classic Rock radio stations. You can even request pictures there. The show has been commercialized United Stations.

We now know Alice Cooper as a 73-year-old rocker who recently released a new album, ‘Detroit Stories’, but ‘Coop’ is a talented and very funny storyteller and interviewer, and he knows only about all the artists personally from the ‘Classic Rock’ generation. Portions of her massive radio archive were polished last year on Alice Cooper’s Vintage Vault podcast series, You can find it here.

In Great Britain, the radio show is now a permanent fixture on Boer Media’s national digital rock channel, Planet Rock. The show runs from 10pm to 1am on Fridays. You can hear it here. Planet Rock recently got a digital sister in Denmark, and the same show by Alice Cooper can now be heard there. In Germany, you can listen to the show Monday through Friday from 8pm to 9pm (mainly digital). Radio Pop First seen in Pandesmax.

Now it has Italian Virgin Radio was added to the show. Yesterday (May 1) Nights with Alice Cooper It aired for the first time on Saturday night from 10pm to midnight.

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The program can also be heard on 12 local channels in Australia. In New Zealand, the program runs on Saturdays and Sunday evenings Sound.