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North Koreans shed tears upon seeing 'lean' Kim Ju...

North Koreans shed tears upon seeing ‘lean’ Kim Ju…

Source: Reuters

North Korean leader Kim Jong Un has lost a lot of weight in recent months. This can be seen in strange photos from KRT, the country’s state-controlled television channel. In the photos you see North Koreans crying, one of the men even described their leader as “poor”.

Much ink has been spilled on the North Korean leader’s weight and health in recent years. 37-year-old Kim Jong-un is overweight, and this has been described by specialists several times in the past with concern. But recently broadcast photos show that this is about to change: the North Korean leader suddenly appears several kilograms lighter. You can see it in his face, but his body has also noticeably decreased in size.

The state-owned KRT TV channel aired great pictures of it on Sunday evening. North Koreans were filmed in tears as they watched large screens showing their emaciated leader during a concert at his party’s plenary session. A man was interviewed and said that “people’s hearts break when they see their beloved leader so emaciated”. “Everyone here said they felt tears were coming down,” he said.

It is not known how many kilograms Kim Jong Un has lost and how much weight he has lost.


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