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Norwegian data watchdog says Google Analytics may be illegal – IT Pro – News

I find the statements too double each time.

It’s always about personal data being left or sent to the United States illegally.

Then Google Analytics is said to be illegal.

But isn’t a fuller answer to saying that using Google Analytics by default is illegal?

You can (with some tampering) use Google Analytics and make sure that no personal data is sent to Google Analytics or the United States.

– Make it without cookies, so that the current UUID (which Google has already associated with your Google account and IP address) expires and a new one is used, which you save in the local storage of the user’s browser and is set every 30 days, etc.
– Using the wrong proxy/chip on your server, so you can first anonymize the collected data (hide the last 2 bits of the IP address) before sending it to the Google Analytics measurement protocol.

This way, there are no potential customers for Google’s data optimization mechanisms and the data is 100% anonymous. So then the AP or someone else can’t say that using Google Analytics is illegal?

It’s a bit like banning screwdrivers, because you can stab people with it. It’s about how you use the tool, not the tool itself, right?

For those who say: Just do it! This solution already exists (for WordPress) and it’s called Chaos Pro.

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