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Not a naive approach, but logical to play [Club – Seraing] - By fans for fans

Not a naive approach, but logical to play [Club – Seraing] – By fans for fans

An amazing winged creature soars over Belgium during the 2021/22 Jupiler Pro League season. Every match day, pick one fresh match like chrysanthemums, the main bird is always shot. Meets Tactical tipAnd Tactical bird. Each time, this football mastermind will study an amazing tactical move, an innovative gameplay system or a genius intervention that transforms the match from the top of the field with the eyes of an eagle and makes it known to you via this platform. One thing is for sure: From the Kehrweg to the Diaz Arena, every skittish trainer is a cat bird.

Always at hand, like this big highway between two football fields. This means that your internal GPS does not need to be activated when you start to move to the next match with the ability of a football-loving flying animal. From Gillamco Arena to Jan Bridel Stadium, a breeze.

Brave but naive, it was said. Lots of space in the back, that’s deadly. RFC Seraing’s game approach has been called into question, but in retrospect, Jordi Condom’s thought process can best be described as rational.

Because what is the alternative? Standing low, keeping 3-4-3 (/ 3-4-2-1) lines close together and hoping for a stray counter? If you let Club Brugge play handball around the age of sixteen, you almost always concede a goal. Then you come across, not to mention the game.

No, Syring’s battle plan was good. You take a number of chances because a rather strong opponent is using the space behind your humble last streak, but that way you are in the game from the start. And so Syring was able to do something with possession effectively. This is where the powerful attacking trident, made up of Georgy Mikutadze, Abeli ​​Gallo and Phenomenon – can we describe it that way? – Youssef Aziz, yes.

An additional element is the length. Jallow measures barely 160cm and his attacking brothers are not specialized in long strokes either. This also applies to (accidentally) wingers Antoine Bernier and Gerald Quelota, so goalkeeper Guillaume Deitch will see the lesson again soon if he were to opt for the long knockout in a team acting at a relatively low mass. With the instant selection of high team positioning, you can win more second balls and you can think about creating the odds. The fear that Brugge fans felt in the second half was caused by Syring’s positive style of play. He lost with honor, and went up to the next match.

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