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Not everyone is happy that Rachel Hazes is getting her own reality series: 'She's taking advantage of her role as a 'sad widow' | Showbiz

Not everyone is happy that Rachel Hazes is getting her own reality series: ‘She’s taking advantage of her role as a ‘sad widow’ | Showbiz

showbizRachel Hazes, 51, is an increasingly big media phenomenon now that she’s got her own reality series. But that the ex-wife of Andrei Heyze has been receiving so much attention lately does not satisfy everyone’s tastes. “Her hysterical behavior is disgusting,” said football analyst Johan Dirksen. “I’d hand my passport over if Rachel Hazes really got a real soap.”

Hazes’ widow can count on a lot of attention lately. She opened her own tea bar in Amstelveen, launched a clothing line for Andre Hazes in collaboration with Lidl and appeared in the documentary “Kleine Jongen.” And if that wasn’t enough, the ex-wife of Andre Hazes gets her own reality series. Not everyone likes that. “I hand over my passport when Rachel Hazes gets real soap,” football analyst Johan Derricksen told Veronica Inside.

Although the analyst respects the real Andre Hazes, he does not respect his widow. “Look, Hazes had the throats and this is the greatest folk singer ever. But don’t be envious of Rachel, because she was somewhat married to Hazes by hysterical parents. But since Hazes died, she has been playing the role of a ‘sad widow.'” According to Derricks, Rachel suffers from Overconfidence.” She thinks her hysterical behavior with these kids is interesting to people. This is a misconception. It’s disgusting.”

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In addition to criticizing the possible series about Rachel Hazes, Johan Dereksen also broke up the singer’s entire family. “I could have had the old Hazes. But that family…André Hazes Jr. can’t sing, but now he’s the singer too. Roxanne Hazes can’t sing either, but she’s also a singer. And Rachel doesn’t know what to do to get publicity.” Although the family has plenty of exciting stories to fill a series with, Derricksen hopes the series won’t continue. “If there are so many tasteless people in this country that the station will broadcast this, I am ashamed that I am Dutch,” Deriksen said.

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