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Jan Bakelants emotioneel na kritiek van de baas en dag in de aanval: “Ik heb getoond dat ik nog een beetje met de fiets kan rijden”

Jan Baklantis emotionally after criticism from his boss and the day in…

The Tour de France has not been very successful for Intermarché – Wanty Gobert so far. The team that always contributes to the early break in other years, is a little behind the times of this edition. Sporting director Heller van der Schuern (73) was sharp for his team in an interview in our newspaper. She clearly didn’t miss her impact, because with Jan Baquilantis in the leading group and Lorenzo Rota in the pursuit group, his team was represented at the outposts on Tuesday.

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“I think I rode a very good stage. I deserve better,” Jan Bakelants opened in Saint-Gaudens. “I don’t get much in return. Konrad was strong. I couldn’t follow the Austrian champion on the penultimate climb. I lost a nice podium,” concluded Jan Baklants on rainy Saint-Gaudens where he finished eighth.

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“I knew there was a group behind it, but I wanted to ride my own rhythm on the second day of the day. I didn’t want to wait. You never know what’s going to happen next. For the same money, no good collaboration. Conrad was the only one to come from The back. It was obviously very powerful, because Dobby and I weren’t going slow at the time. We just got Juul-Jensen on the wheel without really accelerating. It’s all beautiful.”

Photo: BELGA

“I was a bit hesitant about chasing David Gaudo. Will Portet d’Aspet wait? Then I wouldn’t be able to follow him, so I decided to go at my own pace. It was bullshit that Conrad played it so well. He attacked me very quickly after I slipped off the lead. It was nonsense that Conrad played it so well. Dobby had already ridden there empty. I could have kept it the same distance for a while, but then something cracked. Suddenly the best was gone unfortunately. In the last kilometer there was a little noise. The bird flew off. It obviously didn’t want to ride the final with me. In In the end, I’m glad Conrad won, because it was a song he performed so far. But of course I’m disappointed that I was “only” eight. On the last slope I felt like I was among the strongest of the group. Eight is a disappointment. I let myself do something in the sprint. I became a bit trapped, with a lot of speed lost as a result. In the end, there wasn’t enough to get my due.”

Back to Heller

“However I am happy with the race I’ve ridden. It showed that I participated. I’ve been feeling a bit underrated lately. There’s also been a lot of criticism of the team. And everything that goes on around it. I really care about that. I think I should justify myself for coming to Here to share. Then the reporters ask: How do you rate the first part of the tour? Then I answer: Not bad, but you need some luck to do it. If you say that, you won’t laugh in your face. I think that’s a shame. I showed I still drive. If I had I have the space, so I can also ride a little bike. I also thought it weak how sporting director Heller van der Schweren expressed it in the newspaper (Het Nieuwsblad, ed). The way he said could be better. More diplomatic. I didn’t see him all day yesterday He’ll probably do an interview. Tomorrow it’s my column. We’ll straighten that out afterwards. Then I’ll tell you what I think.”

Jan Baklantis emotionally after criticism from his boss and the day of the attack:
Photo: AFP

“I think my opinion is always more balanced and probably more correct. You also have to put it all in perspective. We drive here with eight drivers. If you add up these people’s wages, it’s not a million euros. Far from. I know what I have. That’s a small change. So it doesn’t have to be measured by the standards of other teams. Look at the Ineos-Grenadiers, in Deceuninck – Quick-Step: One driver actually costs more than the entire Tour team combined. They can actually pay for a doctor and an orthopedist,” said Bucklants, who also became very emotional when he spoke About his daughter, come on, I don’t think it’s fair to compare.” “I enjoyed my time. Exactly five years ago Julia was born on the tour. Then I did not go home. I had to think about it a lot, of course. That’s why I now give her my regards through the camera. These are all things that went into effect today. It was nice to come home with a really good result today, but Konrad was stronger. And then what? He’s no longer for the first prize.”

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