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Not everything is possible in South Holland anymore

Not everything is possible in South Holland anymore

The spatial proposal, which the regional executive is sending to the county council today, outlines the outlines of South Holland in 2050. This is not a blueprint, but an assessment framework for an uncertain and unpredictable future. It is clear that the time of uncontrolled growth is behind us. Not everything is simply possible. The district has a high population density and little open space. We are now making decisions to live and work green, healthy and prosperous into the future.

The risks are clear. We are doing everything we can to keep the county safe, healthy and prosperous into the future. For this reason, we have to make better and more effective use of our limited space and infrastructure.

“This is a big step and I’m proud of it,” says Rep. Anne Koning. “In recent decades, the province has not made such a major change in spatial planning. Although this is a first step, it is a very important step. This way we can ensure that we use the scarce space we have wisely in the future.”

We cannot blindly continue on the path we have chosen. With every turn we take, we look ahead and around us. We just don’t have room for everything. We will better protect our scarce surface space. Only in this way can we fulfill our legal tasks and obligations and continue working for a strong South Holland.

So we set a minimum level of open landscape that must remain accessible. In this way, there is still room for a shift to future-proof agriculture and sustainable energy supplies. While we also leave enough space for nature, water, green spaces and entertainment. We hereby guarantee these facilities to our residents.

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Of course choices have consequences. Limited space means limited capabilities. There will be no more living and working space available than is already reserved. We choose quality and selective growth. We continue to develop the “Extra Street” principle. This way we will remain a prosperous, healthy and enjoyable county to live in into the future.

That’s why we choose to organize our economy sustainably, digitally and inclusively. While we ask our municipalities to continue building in the inner areas of cities and to do so in a future-proof manner. This is where our opportunities to grow further lie. According to the provincial government, this is the way to work towards achieving comprehensive prosperity for all citizens.

You can never make important decisions alone. The Provincial Council, municipalities, stakeholders and of course citizens were closely involved in formulating this proposal. We actively asked them about their desires and interests. Their contributions were also weighed and included in the final score.

Discussions will continue next year and with further steps. Ultimately, it is in everyone’s interest to continue working with a balanced vision. That is why our partners remain closely involved in shaping this proposal by specific themes and areas.