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Not one, but two robots in "The Masked Singer"

Not one, but two robots in “The Masked Singer”


No, you won’t see double before you sit down at the Christmas table. There are already two robots in the new season of “The Masked Singer”. In addition to a yellow version, the program now also reveals a blue bot.

Eva de Porter

Attentive viewers were already aware that something crazy was going on with the bot in the promotion. They saw a yellow robot, but also a blue one. Is it an optical illusion or will there really be two robots involved? Speculation is already starting to surface on social media. Now we’ve got confirmation: Two robots are involved. For example, a duet appeared on stage in The Masked Singer in Flanders for the first time.

If you want to start guessing who is hiding under the costume, you can get this tip:

Robots live in a world of metal. With their colorful cheerfulness, they perfectly light up their gray surroundings. They never get bored in a post-apocalyptic environment, where they keep spinning indefinitely. They also have a pet.

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They also speak for the first time: “Beep beep. I’m a robot. Nice to meet you. Beep beep. The masked singer, it means nothing to the robot. What kind of weird world did I end up in? There are only wires under this mask. Am I a programmer? to sing? I’ll have to try it. It will be a fun experience. A test ride is always helpful to see if everything is in the right place. But a few loose screws are not a disaster. It can only help loosen more easily. It’s time to prove I’m made on Platform! “

A parrot, a red deer and two robots.  These are the first movie nominees

A parrot, a red deer and two robots. These are the first nominees for “The Masked Singer” © VTM

In addition to the robots, Red Deer and Parrot have also come out of the shadows. When the new season comes on TV, it will be announced later.

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