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Noxaal gives stage to local artists on 20th Heritage Day

Noxaal gives stage to local artists on 20th Heritage Day

The 20th edition of Heritage Day weekend on April 24-25 will be special anyway. In Ypres, the Dream District Service has developed a unique Corona-safe program on behalf of the St. Peter’s Church Factory: Noxaal.

Last year, the Church Factory asked this socio-artistic group to organize something to mark Heritage Day 2020, but Corona threw a key into the works. Thankfully, DDGG was asked again this year to come up with something. We learn this from Simon Vantomme.

“We are very grateful to them for this,” says Simon. “Jeff Peters is our contact person at the Church Factory and we’re getting all the necessary collaboration. That’s a good feeling. At DDGG, we quickly felt that we had to organize a ‘something’ safe from Corona, because people yearn for culture and meeting people. We started looking for a suitable alternative and this is Is the reason for the emergence of Noxaal. It is a word made on its own where “night” ( The theme of this heritage day, ed ) And “my armpits” ( A place in the church where the choir usually stands, Ed Merge with each other. “

Local artists

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Co-organizer Gust Claeys explains: “With Noxaal, we want to give local artists a stage to do their work in a unique location. We will be broadcasting this performance live on Facebook so everyone in the house can enjoy this musical talent! We chose to organize this in oksaal because we are “We can provide an online audience with a unique overview of St. Peter’s Basilica.” An additional benefit is that this space can be well ventilated through its direct connection with the church, since there are also organizers that must take into account the events in this Corona time. DDGG organizers have also thought about this carefully. “Normally, the common people wouldn’t have access to the shield,” says Simon Phantom. “We had hoped to give some visitors the opportunity to visit this space through our performance, but given the current pandemic, this is not possible and we fully understand that!” Ghost explains the time of their initiative: “The dedicated night we want to show off during the performance. We chose to organize a live broadcast in the evening in an intimate setting, where we basically want to complement the dark with mood lighting and warmth from the performances themselves. We can do this thanks to the collaboration of Kanzi Louagie and Stan Outtier who help On the technical side of streaming and sound. The performances themselves are performed by “Here it is” (formerly Ieperling Lieven Devloo) and “The Grand RazoO” (Wannes Beernaert, one of the participants of The Voice). Some members of the DDGG will oversee the evening’s public track, stage setting , And clearing touch points … “Stadskrant # 3 Tuin Since this initiative is available online and free of charge, no subscription is required. “Everything is done via the DDGG Facebook page. We start at 8.30 pm and the last show ends at 10:30 pm. You will find the exact dates the artist will work on the events page on Facebook! Each artist will perform their show for half an hour, with enough breaks in between until We can purge everything properly. ”“ Meanwhile, the core of DDGG does not remain static. ”Next weekend, Stadskrant # 3 Tuin will be released, which you can get for free via various distribution points such as Library, Academy, Slow Wings, and Papaver … compared to the first two versions, this is a huge version in which we can view the garden from different illuminated angles. Moreover, the Stadskrant # 4 concept is also in full development and we are working with the group group on a few more behind-the-scenes ideas, ”says Gust Claeys. In addition to Noxaal, an estimated 599 other activities will be organized over the weekend on my day. April 24 and 25. Will be held in 800 archives, museums, heritage libraries, heritage cells, local and family circles and other heritage organizations Noxaal – Saturday April 24 – 8.30 pm to 10:30 pm – Live broadcast on the Facebook page of Dienst der Gedroomde Gewesten.

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