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Oil on fire?  Police banned 30,000 whistles against Lukaku after a ‘busy day’ and anger among Inter fans  Series A

Oil on fire? Police banned 30,000 whistles against Lukaku after a ‘busy day’ and anger among Inter fans Series A

Then no 30,000 whistles to whistle at Romelu Lukaku (30) tomorrow when he returns to the Inter stadium. Last night, it was decided not to allow the “Curva Nord Milano”, the hard core of the club, to hand out the whistles. The anger among Inter fans has not diminished.

HLN has a front row seat to Lukaku’s tumultuous return to Inter. What his (former) teammates say, the actions of the fans and of course the match itself. Follow all the developments in the live blog below!

Inter club Curva Nord Milano announced more than a month ago that it would blow 30,000 whistles at San Siro to whistle Lukaku for every touch of the ball. The message was clear: “Romelu will get the welcome he deserves.”

But that plan is in the trash. Yesterday, after “a busy day full of meetings,” Milan Police Commissioner Giuseppe Petronzi decided to ban anti-Lukaku whistles. Officially, because the sirens might disrupt the match and complicate the referee’s work. Furthermore, the number of whistles in the stadium was expected to be much higher than the announced 30,000, as people would bring their own as well.

Romelu Lukaku. © Agence France-Presse

There will be stricter inspections at stadium entrances tomorrow. The whistles are not dangerous, of course, but they have become a symbol of the hatred that Inter fans have towards Lukaku after his move to Roma.

The ban is already causing additional anger among Inter fans. Oil on fire. “Once again, huge abuse,” reads Curva Nord Milano’s Instagram page. “Two years ago, 10,000 whistles were allowed at a match in Florence (between Fiorentina and Juventus, when Dusan Vlahovic returned to his former club, editor). Apparently the law is not the same for everyone. Whistling is prohibited at San Siro.”

Italian media reported that the decision was taken after a complaint from the Roma Club.

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