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The Red Flames defend themselves bravely against leaders England, but lose by the smallest of margins |  Women's Nations League

The Red Flames defend themselves bravely against leaders England, but lose by the smallest of margins | Women’s Nations League

UEFA Women’s Nations League: England – Belgium

The Red Flames suffered from the rule of the strongest against England. The European champion did what he declared against our compatriots: came forward with full force. Our Belgian team had to suffer, but often managed to bravely repel waves of attacks. The Belgian regulation was broken only once: 1-0.

England – Belgium goals:

England – Belgium in brief:

Key moment: After a strong start from England, the Belgians responded through Vanhaevermaite. The Belgian playmaker almost made the score 0-1, but her attempt was blocked smartly. A Flames lead could have turned this into a different game.

Lady of the match: Lauren Hemp was the most active on the home team. Not only did she score the winning goal, but she led her team in the second half.

Situation: After tonight, the Red Flames will see England take a leap. The Netherlands advance after a convincing 4-0 win over Scotland. Belgium is in third place, 3 points behind Scotland: anything is still possible for the Flames.

Burning first half

The English women knew their mission with a 1-in-6 win over the Netherlands and Scotland: a win to keep their chance of winning the group – and the Olympics – intact.

The Lionesses started the game strong. It was already 1-0 after a few minutes. The Belgians responded immediately with a brilliant header chance for Van Heavermait from a corner kick, but at the other end it was Lauren Hemp who provided the deserved lead – also from a corner kick.

England set the (high) pace and managed the game with beautiful football and great chances. The Flames responded with a few blocked shots and were thankful to fall behind 1-0 at halftime.

The Belgians are regaining balance

After coffee, more of the same: the European and World Champion impatiently emerged from the dressing room and immediately created a double chance.

A harbinger of more English goals?

no. The Belgians were able to steadily return to the game and play better football.

What ensued was a lot of midfield play: the Flames fought for every ball, but the better game went to the home team.

Contrary to what happened in the first half, the Lionesses were unable to cause problems for goalkeeper Evrard.

The Flames finished the first round 4 out of 9 and now know what their best battle plan is against England. Tuesday appointment in Leuven.

Missibo is in a tough match.

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