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Oklahoma: 5G infrastructure is widely available in the Netherlands

45% of Dutch users with a 5G phone actually use the 5G network. This puts the Netherlands at the top of the global rankings in terms of the availability of 5G technology. 49.2% higher only in the US (US).

This is according to figures from Ookla Speedtest Intelligence. Following the United States and the Netherlands, South Korea (43.8%), Kuwait (35.5%) and Qatar (34.8%) have the highest 5G availability. Sweden (1.5%), Africa (2.7%), New Zealand (2.9%) and Hungary (3.6%) have the lowest.

Looking at the neighbors, Belgium is not on the list. In Germany, 4.2% of users using a 5G phone use a 5G network. This percentage is 10.4% in France and 11.7% in the UK.

Network speeds vary widely

Ookla points out that not all 5G networks are the same and that there are big differences in terms of speed among other things. For example, the Netherlands does not appear in the rankings of countries with the fastest 5G networks. South Korea leads the region with a maximum download speed of 492.48 Mbps, followed by Norway (426.75 Mbps) and the United Arab Emirates (409.96 Mbps).

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