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More LNG tankers are on their way from the US to Europe

More and more gas tankers carrying liquefied petroleum gas (LNG) are heading to Europe. By Lack of energy Additional gas supply is needed to bring down prices again in Europe.

In addition to ships already departing from the United States, seven additional ships are now shifting their course to Europe. LNG tankers were heading to North Asia, but gas demand there was lower than in Europe. In China, a temperate climate is taken into account, i.e. there is less demand Gas. In addition, Beijing has decided to increase production from coal mines.

Tankers move around

Bloomberg shipping data already shows that 15 gas tankers are heading to Europe from the United States. After this news, gas prices fell by almost 50 percent. Not only LNG tankers but also unprecedented temperatures in the coming days are one of the reasons for the fall in prices.

Ships will not all stop at the same port, but will be distributed throughout Europe. The UK, France and Spain will each receive four ships; The Netherlands, Gibraltar and Malta each one.

In addition, there are about 11 tankers around, and it is not known where they will be parked. One of these was the Minerva Sios, a tanker that departed from Louisiana in mid-November. The ship was sailing in the Indian Ocean when it decided to sail for Europe. The ship is now anchored in the Greek city of Laurium.

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