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Olympic football tournament begins in a surprising way: France …

Although the Olympics will not officially start until Friday, there are already some activities in many sports. As well as in football. After walking women’s football since yesterday, the men started it today as well. There were some surprising results to notice immediately.

In Group A, France immediately suffered a crushing defeat to Mexico. The Les Blues were given a 4-1 lead. All goals came after the break. Mexico rushed 2-0 in eight minutes, after which France were able to resist only fifteen minutes later. Worship striker Andre-Pierre Gignag, one of three distributors (over 23) for France, scored 2-1. Strike: Gignog refuses to celebrate because he has been active in the Mexican league in Les Tigris since 2015.

In the end, France still went 4-1, which immediately worsened in Group A. A new Olympic gold medal in football has not come immediately to Les Blues since 1984.

By the way, Kignok is not the only player with a name and fame between the lines. There is no one in Mexico but Guillermo Ochoa. The goalkeeper played for Standard in the 2017-2018 and 2018-2019 seasons.

Old acquaintance Guillermo Ochoa
Photo: AFP

Egypt has Spanish skills under control

Another match awaited today is Egypt-Spain in Group C. This is because La Roja was joined by many players who were also active in the last European Championship. A country could only invite three players over the age of 23, but there were a lot of talented youngsters at the European Championships in Spain. Still Petrie, Danny Olmo, Michael O’Reilly and co. Do not defeat Egypt. The game ended 0-0.

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In Group B, New Zealand – South Korea (1-0). Later, a lot of countries will come into operation.

Olympic football tournament begins with a surprise: France lose despite goal-scoring striker, Spanish stars can't win
Petrie, a taste maker at the European Championships in Spain, but is now disappointed
Photo: A.P.