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Britons living in Alicante were sent to Brexit | Abroad

About 40 Britons had no proper documents on Monday and would have been flown back to Manchester, England on the same flight. The 47-year-old complained about this.

He told the newspaper that some passengers did not show a letter asking them to pick up their TIE card in Spain. “What more evidence do we need that people live here?”

According to the British, there is a c-22: they have to enter the country to get a TIE, but to enter the country, they first need a TIE.


The delay in the return flight to England further angered the British. Passengers were also told not to send their luggage days later. The British embassy in Spain said it was aware of the problems.

Spain has banned international travel due to the Corona crisis. Therefore, the British had to prove that they lived in a southern European country.

British Media Doll

Spanish is causing a great deal of controversy in the British media. Authorities in the coastal city “refuse to allow dozens of Britons into Spain because of Brexit,” the Daily Mail headlined.

Travel issues that Britain has to deal with since Brexit are often widely reported in the British media. For example, it was previously regrettable that Dutch customs confiscated meat sandwiches from a motorist because strict rules would apply as the British exited the EU.