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Eén kandidaat ontbreekt in seizoensfinale ‘Blind getrouwd’

One missing candidate at the season finale ‘Married Blind’

In ‘Blindmarried’, Candice and Marin clicked instantly. But will they still be married after the end of the season?
Photo: VTM

Yes or no. This seemingly simple question has yet to be answered by a couple in the season finale of ‘Blind Married’. In addition to Candice and Marijn in love, Nathalie and Dennis also face a moment of decision making. Especially with the last couple, the choice becomes very difficult: stay together or divorce?

For Candice (31) and Marijn (36), the moment of decision-making really seems like a foregone conclusion: the two showed their season’s best flick. Only the distance between their homes can be a stumbling block. “From now on we have to do it ourselves, and I’m a little afraid of that,” Candace says. “But I have a good feeling about it,” said Marin. “Because I think the answer will be positive.”

The doubts are greater with Natalie (33) and Denise (34). He had feelings from meeting at the altar, but she seemed more inclined toward friendship. “I’m grateful that I was identical to Denise,” says Natalie. “It made me grow on a personal level.” Denise is afraid to see the storm coming. “I will probably be flying through the wall soon.”

One missing candidate at the season finale 'Married Blind'
Denise faces a difficult decision moment. He has feelings for Natalie, but she has tended to be more friendly in recent weeks.
Photo: VTM

Where is Davey?

In the final episode, all of the participants see each other again, six months after they started Blind Married-Adventure. Even one person is missing: Davey (33) is at home with Corona infection during the reunion. After he and Hany (31) threw the towel last week, Devi can now help his ex-wife via webcam only in the difficult period she’s going through now. “I lost my father,” says Hanne. So I look back in a completely different way Blind Married From other candidates. At the end of the experience, my priority was with my father. “

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One missing candidate at the season finale 'Married Blind'
Only seven participants appeared in the reunion. Davy is forced to stay home after being infected with the Coronavirus.
Photo: VTM

Veerle (56) and Sven (50) come face to face for the first time, having decided to divorce prematurely. After they came out, they did not see or hear each other. “I didn’t need to,” Sven said. But Ferrell approaches him immediately when they meet again. “I think it’s a shame that we don’t talk to each other anymore,” she says. “In time, that should be possible, I think. Definitely on my part.”

Blind Married, VTM, Sunday, 7.55pm