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Former Mole Elizabeth makes important announcement ...

Former Mole Elizabeth makes important announcement …

Elizabeth Hisevots, 35, will be back in October. She announced this herself through a fun video on Instagram. Completely in D’Mall style. She already has two sons: Oscar (4,5) and Nathan (3). Today she reveals that her third bud will be a girl.

In 2019, Elizabeth became known as The Mall, which has been fooling everyone for weeks. Then she was still an emergency doctor. Today she has a practice in aesthetic medicine. In the story she said the following about this.

“I realized that my job as an emergency doctor could not really be combined with caring for my children. I worked 24-hour shifts, the next day I wasn’t a human. The lack of sleep made me so weak. In April of last year, I completely stopped working as an emergency doctor and fulfilled my dream: My own practice in aesthetic medicine. I was afraid of the comments, but I am very happy that I took this step. This job is closer to me. It gives me a lot of satisfaction and I have more time for my family. My kids are calmer since I come home more. ”

Photo: Jay Bottemans

She didn’t think of a third child then. The third one is welcome, but we’re not working very hard on that. In my first pregnancy, I had a miscarriage after ten weeks. It was very difficult because I did not have children yet, but I can put this second miscarriage in a much easier perspective. “

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