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OnePlus 7 (T): Android 11 update goes completely wrong

OnePlus 7 (T): Android 11 update goes completely wrong

Users are reporting lots of issues with Android 11 update for OnePlus 7 and OnePlus 7T. Devices overheat, battery drains quickly and sometimes performance is very unstable. For now, it remains to await a solution from OnePlus.

OnePlus 7 (T) in Android 11

At the end of March, the OnePlus 7, from OnePlus 7 Pro , from OnePlus 7T And the OnePlus 7T Pro Their Android 11 update, but at the same time it’s on Reddit And the OnePlus forums Too much dissatisfaction with reading. Users are reporting several issues that arise after receiving this important update.

These are typical errors that can often occur after a major software update, but this time it is a completely wash list: the battery drains and even when the phone is not in use, the phone gets warm, apps load slowly, mobile data, connectivity is not working properly, notifications Slow to access, apps are crashing and there are window issues.

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OnePlus already has Oxygen OS update Rolled Who was supposed to fix these errors, but that doesn’t fix everything. There are also users who claim that more problems have arisen. It is not yet known when there will be a real solution to problems faced by users, but given the age of the phones, it may take some time.

On Reddit, there is already Messages Which explains in detail how you can get back to Android 10 with OnePlus 7 (T). My colleague Geoffrey I gave on Monday His frank opinion On recent issues with OnePlus update policy. Do you have a OnePlus 7 (T) and are suffering from the aforementioned problems? Let us know in the comments at the bottom of this article. You can always face serious issues after an update Through this way Report to the Androidworld Editorial Board.

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