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EA hints at the reveal of Battlefield 6 in June

EA hints at the reveal of Battlefield 6 in June

The next Battlefield game will likely be revealed in June. This can be derived from a tweet from the game’s official Twitter account.

It has already been confirmed to launch a new Battlefield later this year. Battlefield games usually come out in the fall, so full disclosure should be next month.

Words that chime with “soon”: “June” Boom. For example, a Battlefield Twitter account posted. A clear indication that we will see more of the project that EA DICE is working on in June.

In 2019, EA announced that there would be no Battlefield in 2020. However, it broke the tradition of releasing a new game in the series every year. EA hasn’t given a specific reason for the short breather, but that could be because Battlefield 5 isn’t the best-received game in the series. Developer DICE is believed to be back on the drawing board for the next Battlefield.

Earlier this year, the first information about the new Battlefield was shared. For example, EA indicated that the next Battlefield game will take full advantage of the capabilities offered by the PS5 and Xbox Series X. Additionally, DICE announced a Battlefield mobile game. With the announcement, Oscar Gabrielson, DICE General Manager, indicated that the biggest team has ever been in Battlefield 6 and that there will be a revelation “very soon”.

A number of screenshots of the game have been leaked, but they are still waiting for EA to officially reveal Battlefield 6.

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