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OnePlus Also Launches Pad Go Tablet In Europe After Release In India – Tablets & Phones – News

It amazes me that weight is often not mentioned for portable products, is this secondary to most people? I'm looking for a big screen tablet where I can read comics on the couch/bed without my wrist getting bothered too quickly 🙂

–> Weight: 532 grams

All tablets face the same limitations and must balance a large screen with low weight and battery capacity. They are all within the limits of what is technically possible.
To read comics, you have to read them (imho) at the original size without zooming, so you need a 14-inch screen. A larger screen also uses more power and therefore also needs a heavier battery.
You quickly reach the point where the weight is too heavy to hold in your hand, 1kg is the max and for many people it is already too heavy, around 600-700g seems ideal.

The 14-inch touchscreen weighs at least half a kilo (the “touch” is relatively heavy), so there's not much left for the battery and then a computer is needed as well.

I chose a separate monitor that I connected to my phone or computer using a USB-C cable. There is no battery in the display, which saves a third of the weight. This is less free than a real tablet, but my phone is always within easy reach, so a USB-C cable isn't that bad. My phone's battery doesn't last long to power that screen, but this issue can be solved by using a power bank.