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Ongoing talent programme: Medemblik has space for 9 junior professionals

Ongoing talent programme: Medemblik has space for 9 junior professionals

WOGNUM – Medemblik Municipality continues the talent program through which junior professionals are trained with the aim of becoming permanent employees. Last year, eight candidates had the opportunity to discover, grow, and work on interesting policy projects and documents.

Last year, the first group of trainees started; Recruitment for the next chapter has now begun. This time, the search for talent is taking place within the departments of Social Sphere, Spatial Policy (Economics), Human Resources, Finance, Information Management and Environmental Affairs.

Nine trainees

Medembelek Municipality is currently looking for nine trainees in various departments: social, spatial policy (economics), human resources, finance, information management and environmental affairs. From the intern position, talent can advance to positions as an HR business partner, policy advisor, or project leader within two years.

Start your career

Mayor Michel Beigel is in charge of administrative responsibility for human resources policy: “Medemblik Municipality wants to be a learning organization where we give young talents the opportunity to start their careers in Medemblik Municipality. It is great to see how our current trainees are developing and bringing new energy to the whole organization.”

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