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Together, entrepreneurs from Yersiki search for a place in the overcrowded electricity grid

Together, entrepreneurs from Yersiki search for a place in the overcrowded electricity grid

In cooperation with the municipality of Remmerswaal, the companies, mostly from the seafood sector, want to know where and at what times there is still room for more energy consumption in the overcrowded electricity grid.

The cooperating companies concluded agreements with the municipality of Remmerswaal on Wednesday at the town hall in Kroeningen, which is paying the costs of the cooperation feasibility study.

An energy profile is prepared for each company, which should show what is the energy consumption and production of its generation – from solar panels, for example. This in turn forms the basis for the joint energy profile of the entrepreneurs in Olzendepolder and Koringweg.

The municipality of Remmerswaal has recently created its vision for a sustainable energy future: the Shipping Vision. “Consumption is changing,” says council member Nico van der Hoest. “Petrol and diesel cars are giving way to electric cars, and companies also have to get rid of gas.”

During meetings with entrepreneurs about the charging vision, it was quickly decided to tackle traffic congestion on the electricity grid together. Sustainable development company Zebra, which is already active in sustainable energy generation elsewhere in the region, is closely involved in the project and is conducting research conducted by the municipality.

Van der Hoost stresses that increasing sustainability is “imperative” for Remerswaal entrepreneurs. This is partly due to the arrival of more and more zero emission zones, It is not allowed to drive fuel vehicles. Transport companies like Kotra, which transports an important part of oyster and crustacean products from Yersiki, must therefore accelerate the electrification of their fleet. “For us to be able to charge these cars, more electrical capacity is needed, and that’s not available right now.”

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This is a message from regional radio De Bevelanden.