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Online traffic – China accuses US of sabotaging winter games

BEIJING – The Chinese Foreign Ministry has accused the United States of sabotaging the Beijing Winter Games. The United States will pay athletes to criticize China.

The Chinese-language newspaper China Daily, which is run by the Communist Party of China’s advertising department, published an article on Friday shortly before the start of the Winter Games. According to the Chinese Foreign Ministry, the newspaper has exposed America’s ill intentions. A spokesman said the US effort could end in failure.

The U.S. embassy in Beijing has responded to the allegations, denying all allegations. A spokesman for the US Embassy said: “American athletes have the right to freedom of expression, including the promotion of human rights.

Diplomatic boycott

In December, the United States announced a diplomatic boycott of the Games because China did not respect human rights. Australia, Great Britain and Canada followed the US lead, but, like the United States, banned their athletes from participating in the Winter Games.

The Winter Games in Beijing begin on Friday.

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